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About Our Clinic

The Auto Clinic Difference. We have created a modern shop, by imitating the idea of a health clinic, where you would expect that your car would receive the best care with the cleanest tools and in the cleanest environment available. clinicwall Our automotive clinic is different because it was designed to remain clean and organized at all times. We believe that people want to receive quality service and repair work, and all vehicles deserve the proper attention of a clean, organized mechanic. Maintaining a professionally looking auto clinic is a critical part of delivering a quality service.

Our Master Mechanic, Brian Booth

brianBrian is a native born Los Alamos resident. He has spent almost his entire life living in this small close-knit community. After graduating from Los Alamos High School, he attended NMSU in Las Cruces for two years while studying Electrical Engineering. After his second year of college, he decided that Engineering wasn't the right fit for him. He always had a passion for cars, that started at 12 years old, when he first started fooling around with engines and began driving only a year later. So, he took a job at NAPA Auto Parts for three years, until he was able to purchase the store from the owner. After five years of ownership, he decided that he wanted to work more closely with vehicles and build a career, so he sold the store and began working as a mechanic for RPM Automotive. After two years of working as a mechanic, he took an opportunity and became a partner in RPM. The partnership lasted 10 years, until Brian became interested in coffee. From his curiosity in fresh roasted coffee, he opened The Coffee Booth which has now bloomed into The CoffeeHouse Cafe, a restaurant serving breakfast and lunch 7 days a week, located in downtown Los Alamos. Because true passion never dies, the natural automotive lover was able to put his dreams on paper to create AutoDoc Ltd Co with his absolutely brilliant and wonderful wife, Venessa (who happens to be his web designer, so she can write just about anything she chooses). ;)
As Brian recalls his favorite vehicle, a yellow and black 1970 Ford Mustang, his face lights up as he begins talking about 'the beauty'. Although he holds a few vehicles as his favorite-owned, Brian refuses to play favorites with his patients'. He does not have a favorite vehicle to work on, because he loves them all, but he does like a well-groomed one. It's much easier to service a vehicle when it has been kept clean and is well-maintained. Much like humans going to visit a doctor; it's easier to keep one healthy, than to nurse them back to health. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Brian is a highly skilled automotive technician and is able to mend almost any vehicle.


AutoDoc Ltd. Co., 208e DP Road, Los Alamos, NM 87544 505.661.4915

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